Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Research internships provide an opportunity to experience biology instead of just learning about Biology in the classroom. What you learn in the research laboratory will complement what you learn in the classroom, and you will end up with a much greater depth of understanding. Research internships are available to all Biology majors regardless of how many courses you have taken. Research internships can be taken for credit with up to 3 credits serving as part of your major and 3 additional credits serving as elective credit.


Finding a research mentor in the life sciences can be challenging since at any point in time, most laboratories cannot accommodate any additional undergraduate researchers. However, there is turnover in every laboratory so new opportunities continue to arise. Also some laboratories prefer freshman or sophomores while others prefer upperclassmen. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and be prepared for several negative responses before finding a research opportunity.

Start by visiting faculty websites and making a list of several faculty members who are doing research that you find particularly interesting. Here is a list of potential research mentors with links to their webpages: UGresearch.html


Send an email to the first person on your list telling them about your career goals and why you want to do research. Also, tell them why you found their research particularly interesting.


If you get a negative response, send an email to the next person on your list. If you do not get a response to your email, send a follow-up email after a week. If there is no response to your second email, go to the next person on your list. Your persistence should eventually result in success.